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All Tulsa?Dentist?professionals in the United States must graduate from high school and complete the required courses such as general biology, general chemistry, organic chemistry, physics, statistics, and calculus. Now while most dental schools require at least a bachelor’s degree, four years of college credits, there are a few that may consider admitting exceptional students after only completing three years’?worth of college credits. However, this is very rare. For one to become a Tulsa?Dentist, they must take the dental admissions test, known as the DAT. The dental admissions test consists?of a battery of four tests that are the survey of the natural sciences, perceptual ability, reading comprehension, and quantitative reasoning. It is recommended by the American dental Association that those seeking to be a Tulsa?Dentist?take the DAT one year prior to admission. Admission to any dental school is very competitive. For want to get into dental school, admission is generally determined based on their GPA, GHT scores, research, dental and medical involvement, letters of recommendation, and extracurricular activities. Meaning, to become a licensed Tulsa?Dentist, one must complete an accredited dental school curriculum and successfully master all clinical competencies and national board exams. Prior to receiving at?Tulsa?Dentist?practice, a?dentist?is required to receive four years of training. However, some states require?dentist?to complete a post graduate residency program in addition to schooling. In the United States, a newly graduated Tulsa?dentist?is awarded a DDS, or doctor of dental surgery degree. However, they could also receive a DMD, or doctor of dental medicine degree. Both these degrees are equivalent, the title depends on the school the?Tulsa?Dentist?attended. Following their degree,?a?Tulsa?Dentist?can then pursue further specialty residency training ranging from 2 to 6 years in one of the recognize specialties. They are also required to participate in continuing education where they attend lectures to learn of recent developments, practice new methods, and I am continuing education hours throughout their career as?a?Tulsa?Dentist. All this means, that your?Tulsa?Dentist?is a very skilled medical practitioner who will take care of anything you need or help you solve an issue you may be having.? ?

Importance of seeing your?Tulsa?Dentist?

It has been found that 47.2% of adults over the age of 30 have some form of periodontal disease. Well this may simply be a result of aging, although is usually not, it’s an issue that seeing a?dentist?regularly can prevent. However, this is not the only reason you should regularly be seeing your?Tulsa?Dentist. If you don’t know the last time you saw your?dentist, here is a few reasons to go see your?Tulsa?Dentist:? Oral Cancer Detection ? Oral cancer is an issue that affects countless people, and the only way to be sure it’s not affecting you this to see your?Tulsa?Dentist. A?Tulsa?Dentist?is highly trained to look for early signs of oral cancer, which fortunately is easily treated in its early stages.? Cavity Prevention and Treatment – Sometimes, even the most diligent brochures and flossers can fall victim to cavities. The best way to prevent these painful issues is to visit your?Tulsa?Dentist?for regular cleanings. Also, dental inspections can spot cavities early on, but only if you’re visiting your?Tulsa?Dentist?regularly.? Gum Disease ? Gum disease is a lot more?prevailing?the new my think it is. do you regularly see blood in the sink after you brush your teeth? That is not something that normally happens. If you notice this is happening, visit your?Tulsa?Dentist?immediately as this could be a sign of gum disease. Regular visit with your?Tulsa?Dentist?can actually help prevent gum disease from forming in the first place.? Cosmetic Issues ? A cosmetic?Tulsa?Dentist?is just as important as a general?Tulsa?Dentist. If you have issues with your bite or the spacing of your teeth, see a cosmetic Tulsa?Dentist?immediately. These things, will primarily cosmetic, can actually have an impact on your overall health. Additionally, take a look in the mirror and look for signs of yellow teeth. Your teeth may have acquired color so slow that you’ve never noticed the change, but your Tulsa?Dentist?will.? No matter your age, 1 to 100, seeing your?dentist?is important for all of the reasons listed, and so many more. You might just be bleeding because you didn’t fuss, but is important that you consult your?Tulsa?Dentist?anyway. Don’t wait any longer and make an appointment with your?Tulsa?Dentist?today.? ?

Tulsa Dentist?| Midtown Smiles?

Tulsa?Dentist Dr. Rebecca Hughes graduated from the University of Oklahoma College of?Dentistry. Dr. Hughes selected to perform her General Practice Residency with the Veterans Administration DentalClinic in Oklahoma City, where she served our Oklahoma Veterans.? This residency provided her with advanced training in all the specialties of?dentistry including oral surgery, anesthesia, and treatment of medically compromised patients. Dr. Hughes then chose to further continue to serve her community by accepting a teaching position as Clinical Assistant Professor with her alma mater, the University of Oklahoma College of?Dentistry.? Tulsa?DentistDr. Shaun Mirabal received his bachelor?s degree from the University of Central Oklahoma and graduated with Distinction from the University of Oklahoma College of?Dentistry.? While in undergrad, Dr. Mirabal received the University Scholastic Award his senior year which was awarded to the student with the highest GPA among juniors and seniors at UCO.? In dental school, Dr. Mirabal received the Michael Bakowski Anatomical Sciences Award, which was awarded to the dental student with the highest GPA in anatomical sciences. He also received the Dental Laboratory Excellence Award which was awarded to one senior student for achievements in?dentistry and laboratory work.? ?

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